Kirk Beckstrom

 I am a former client of Aaron's, working with him for almost two years. When I came to him, I wasn't sure what I was looking for or what to expect. To be honest, I was just looking for someone to help me get to know the gym and the equipment better. Never did I expect to work with him for as long as I did. However, as I continued working along side with Aaron, I was seeing results and those results only pushed me more. I lost body fat, gained muscle mass and lost inches where I needed. The variety of exercises that Aaron puts you through is amazing and the sincerity he has for your goals is endless. He truly wants to see you succeed. Aaron's help, wisdom and motivation only pushed me to my best. I participated in my first triathlon relay race, a mud run and a handful of 5K's. Zumba has always been a part of my life and Aaron nudged me in the direction of getting my license to teach Zumba. I did. I'm a Zumba Instructor. He suggested I become a personal trainer myself. I did. I'm a certified personal trainer. Aaron has opened my eyes to the world of fitness and for that I owe him so much! Besides working with Aaron, I love what I do and the person I have become. I owe a huge amount of what I've become to Aaron. Anyone who decides to work with him, won't be disappointed. 

Charmaine Alexander

 As a health and wellness coach, I reached out to Aaron to help me get FIT and healthy to be a product of the product if you will, and to teach me to be a better coach for my own clients. Aaron has been my trainer, and life coach for about 5 months now. He has given me the confidence and the knowledge I have been seeking when no one else would. I have learned so much from him about my own body and muscle structure as well. He has given me a meal plan to follow, homework and even video tapes some of my workouts. If you are looking for a personal trainer who listens to you, is honest and selfless and will give you the advice you seek, reach out to Aaron, YOU WON'T REGRET IT! .

Cindy Norton

 I have been working with Aaron for 6 weeks now. Aaron is so much more than a trainer; Aaron is a life coach. Aaron has an easy methodical eating plan that he provides. We keep a log of my workouts so I can see what I am doing, what is ahead and how much I can improve week by week.
I have lost weight, but more importantly I have lost inches! Every day I am amazed at how easy he makes it. He actually has told me " you are not eating enough". It is all about what you eat and when you eat.
I can not even begin to tell you how great this experience has been. Aaron exceeded my expectations and I am so glad I found him! If your trainer does not help you with diet, you need to switch to Aaron! 

Paula Wilkerson

 I have been working with Aaron since January and I had 3 simple goals: increase my endurance, become more flexible and build some muscle. I have met all 3! What is more important to me is having someone who treats me as unique and builds around what I want and not some cookie cutter routine. He has had to adapt and change the plan when I got an injury unrelated to the gym and not only did he do that he took the time to make sure that I took the time to heal before resuming our usual workouts. He reminds me of what I can do and not what I cannot and provides the push and encouragement to get me throught those workouts when I feel I simply cannot do another thing-a kind but firm kick in the butt! I also appreciate the nutrition advice and that he videos our workouts so I have a quick reference for the times I am working out on my own. 

Constance Jackson

 I'm so happy with all I accomplished in the past 6 months with Aaron Earls training!! My goals were to learn how to use the equipment, learn how to build muscle and tone, lower my cholesterol, be able to hike a mountain by October and of course lose a few pounds. I met ALL these goals and more!!! I'm actually stronger than I've been in decades, which I never dreamed was possible. My blood work numbers improved drastically within just a few months. And I DID hike that mountain in NY just last week and felt great!! Thanks again for the incredible training Aaron! 

Debra Engstrom

 Aaron has been such a great source of encouragement, information, and accountability for me. Prior to his training me for the last year and a half I had never darkened the doors of a gym and had a pretty bad attitude about trainers in general. So, for me to say i could not have survived this past season of my life without him is very true and also a big deal! Aaron has not only shown me proper exercise technique and taught me about the right diet for fitness, but he has also done therapy when needed. This is what I think makes him stand out from other trainers. Yes, he has a plan of a routine for me when I walk in the door but if he needs to change his plan because of my needs, he will do so in a heartbeat! He continually assesses my physical and mental condition and responds with a different exercise or therapy plan if I happen to need it that day. I cannot tell you how many times I've walked in for my training session not feeling my best (at a 65 or 70%) and he has done some stretching or therapy work on me prior to the workout routine and I walk away at 99%.