Experience Matters - Charleston Stretch Therapy



I have over 30 years experience in proper body movement principles, gaining my first major education via Master's Studios of Self-Defense where I became a 1st Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate.  I eventually became assistant instructor at the dojo under Master Phil Beauregard ,who now holds a 7th degree black belt. 

Later I became an ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer and began working as the rehabilitatory trainer for Dr. Alan Faulk.  Soon after, I acquired my ISSA certification to continue my education as a Personal Trainer. I enjoyed years of training in the Charleston area with some of the local athletes with one client taking repeated Gold  Medals at the Eastern NAGA tournament. 

I became Head Trainer and later, Fitness Director for a local gym, Pivotal Fitness where I enjoyed several years of working closely with my clients and fundraising for local veterans. During this time I acquired my ACE Personal Training Certification under the direction of Tim Church and joined his elite trainer group MostFitLife. He also encouraged me to become a ranked trainer on IdeaFit.com where I rose to the #1 Trainer in Charleston 3 years running.  You can google Personal Trainers in Charleston SC and see my current #1 Ranking.  Before leaving Pivotal I acquired one more skill set, that being Kyusho or Vital Point in Japanese. After many years of practice on both the practical self-defense and healing aspects of Kyusho. I was able to use it effectively with my clients to help them recover,  even from debilitating conditions. See this video for one such occasion. 


After Pivotal I became trained as Stretch Therapist and began working with local clients, some with Parkinson's , MS and Cerebral Palsy. I took the progressive Stretch to a new level, and developed unique methods with my Martial Arts background and infused my practice of Kyusho into this healing art.  My techniques are powerful and cross-disciplinary.   I work with anyone, from all walks of life. Some of my clients have even been professional athletes , just to name a couple: Fadol Brown of the Green Bay Packers and Edmond Robinson of the Arizona Cardinals.    I  will get you results with my progressive stretch therapy.