Mobile Stretch Therapy for the Charleston Area

Mobile Stretch Therapy for Charleston

Providing mobile Stretch Therapy, Hypervolt massage gun treatment, Kyusho Pressure Point Healing and Corrective Exercise for the Greater Charleston area, from Summerville to the beaches!

 I come to you!

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How Does Mobile Stretch Therapy Work? What are the Benefits?



The main benefits of Stretch Therapy and Corrective Exercise are:

*Better mobility

*Better blood flow

*Increased coordination 

*Enhanced athletic performance

*Pain relief

*Better sleep

*Stress relief

*Improved Posture

Everyone can benefit, from the elderly to the athlete.  

How does a session work?

After an agreed upon day and time for the session visit, you would need to purchase sessions either here on my site via Paypal or Credit Card (the Paypal link provides a form for Credit Card option) or we may agree upon cash after services rendered.  All sessions include a combination of Hypervolt Massage, Stretch Therapy and Kyusho Pressure Point Healing & Corrective Exercise.

Upon arrival, I will conduct a movement assessment to ascertain which muscle groups are tightest and which are in need of Corrective Exercise.  Next, based upon the area in need of most work, I will apply  my unique combination of Active and Passive Stretch Therapy, Hypervolt Massage Gun application and Kyusho Pressure Point healing techniques with you seated in a chair or laying upon my massage table. Comfort is priority number one. After just minutes your pain will melt away and a deep sense of well-being will emerge. The effect will last about 3 days and most clients benefit from multiple sessions weekly. With sustained Therapy sustained results occur!  

If Corrective Exercise is needed, I will provide all equipment necessary for you to complete the movements. Corrective Exercise is essential to rebalance the body! It is time to stop living in pain! 

Contact me via my e-mail at the bottom of the page or text me 843 754 6903.

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